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Public Content Release Announcement

tl;dr: Main content, like Sultry Summer, will still be uploaded on Fridays and stay on a 1 week early access. Works in progress, like sketches and lines of unfinished content, will remain exclusive for subscribers. Subscribers will continue to receive everything else at time of completion, but free versions will be released to the public on Mondays in batches that vary based on the type of content. Illustrations will be released on the second Monday of the following month, and comics will be released in batches based on how many scenes the comic has.

For those interested, the details of my decisions can be read below.

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Now Funded on SubscribeStar!

SubscribeStar.Adult Logo

I am happy to announce that this site has been approved to be funded on SubscribeStar. As such I have made a Star page that can be found by clicking the banner above, by clicking the link in my main menu at the top of this site, or by clicking the link here.

As I work things out all finished Sultry Summer pages will still be posted here on Fridays, but early stages like lines will be posted exclusively to SubscribeStar. Additional weekend works are also now going to be posted to SubscribeStar and will only be posted to my site once I’ve decided on and met any delay period. I will do the same with Sultry Summer after a few more pages, which by then I should be more familiar with the SubscribeStar platform and have made my decisions for how to move forward.

I will be editing or adding to the above information as new information becomes available. Below are answers to common questions I expect to receive.

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