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Between a Toph and a Hard Place

Here is my current weekend comic, titled Between a Toph and a Hard Place, posted here in line format. Pages are being posted upon completion on SubscribeStar, and then posted to this site on Mondays as individual scenes are complete.

Between A Toph And A Hard Place Page 01
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Pet with Benefits

Here is another comic in a similar format to my previous Supervision comic, except this time I’m aiming for color. This one will also be straight to the point, and this time I’m using Penny and Brain from the original Inspector Gadget series.

Pet With Benefits Page 01
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Incredibles: Supervision

So this weekend I decided to try something new. I have such a difficult time getting to a bulk of stuff that I’d like to due to restrictions beyond my control. On my end a part that I can address is my desire to make clean, high resolution images. I acknowledge I could speed things up greatly if I went with a lower resolution format and a simpler layout structure, so this is my first shot at an effort in that direction.

I wanted to try for a more simple structure when I was experimenting with the horizontal comic layouts, but I feel that the current manhwa/web linetoon format works quite well for such efficiency. I’ve been meaning to try it, but after a long winded comment to someone on the subject last weekend I strongly felt the desire to try it again. Technically this format doesn’t really have “pages”, but rather is uploaded in chunks, but I suppose you could say it has 5 pages so far. I still have some time of the weekend left, so I may try to add another block or two, but this is what I’ve finished so far.

Lastly, I did mess around with some coding, but it’s going to take more time than I had hoped in order to make an option for automated uploading to my site for stuff in this format. Line webtoons use a long vertical system, which I guess works very well in the current era of touchscreens and mobile devices, while not being impractical for desktops. I may not worry about it and just upload this in the normal format in the end, but for now it’s just in this blog post.

Supervision Page 01
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