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Old Comics Reuploaded

I’m sure many people will notice this in my recent updates box, but I just uploaded a large number of comic pages to my website. These are old comics that used to be here, but the platform they were previously hosted on forced me to remove them due to not being allowed to link this website to that platform. That platform no longer permits these comics at all, so since that rule no longer applies they are going back up here. I wanted to upload them here sooner, but it took time to edit URLs to remove all affiliation with said platform from the pages. I finally finished doing that last night and so have uploaded them.

The comics uploaded are Bawdy Falls, Glory Haunt, Mutual Affairs, New Beginnings and Steamy Afterparty. These include predominantly adult or aged up characters, as younger characters were not permitted on the platform when the comics were made. Incest rules were later added to the platform after these began, so I removed any such context to remain within the rules, but now enforcement of those policies is a bit more strict even without in-content context, so they had to be removed.

That’s all I have to say on that. If anyone has any further questions then feel free to ask in the comments below, but I will not be answering direct questions about the other platform these used to be on, as I still have to maintain a separation of this website from it. Comments mentioning it by name will be edited or removed as deemed necessary.

Incredible Production

Here is a short image set comic featuring Dash and Violet. As usual with these line format sets I am making this separate post for it.

I intended to upload this to this site only after it’s complete, but it’s been difficult to find the weekend time to finish the last few pages, and I have a lot to do over the following weekends due to preparations for upcoming main comic updates, so I’m putting it on hold until I have things prepared to a better degree. Until then I’m doing single illustrations instead over weekends to buy myself extra time, so I’ll still have a batch to upload next month, it just won’t be this yet. For now, here’s the 4 currently completed images.

Incredible Production Page 01
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Between a Toph and a Hard Place

Here is my current weekend comic, titled Between a Toph and a Hard Place, posted here in line format. Pages are being posted upon completion on SubscribeStar, and then posted to this site on Mondays as individual scenes are complete.

Between A Toph And A Hard Place Page 01
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Public Content Release Announcement

tl;dr: Main content, like Sultry Summer, will still be uploaded on Fridays and stay on a 1 week early access. Works in progress, like sketches and lines of unfinished content, will remain exclusive for subscribers. Subscribers will continue to receive everything else at time of completion, but free versions will be released to the public on Mondays in batches that vary based on the type of content. Illustrations will be released on the second Monday of the following month, and comics will be released in batches based on how many scenes the comic has.

For those interested, the details of my decisions can be read below.

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Now Funded on SubscribeStar!

SubscribeStar.Adult Logo

I am happy to announce that this site has been approved to be funded on SubscribeStar. As such I have made a Star page that can be found by clicking the banner above, by clicking the link in my main menu at the top of this site, or by clicking the link here.

As I work things out all finished Sultry Summer pages will still be posted here on Fridays, but early stages like lines will be posted exclusively to SubscribeStar. Additional weekend works are also now going to be posted to SubscribeStar and will only be posted to my site once I’ve decided on and met any delay period. I will do the same with Sultry Summer after a few more pages, which by then I should be more familiar with the SubscribeStar platform and have made my decisions for how to move forward.

I will be editing or adding to the above information as new information becomes available. Below are answers to common questions I expect to receive.

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Pet with Benefits

Here is another comic in a similar format to my previous Supervision comic, except this time I’m aiming for color. This one will also be straight to the point, and this time I’m using Penny and Brain from the original Inspector Gadget series.

Pet With Benefits Page 01
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Incredibles: Supervision

So this weekend I decided to try something new. I have such a difficult time getting to a bulk of stuff that I’d like to due to restrictions beyond my control. On my end a part that I can address is my desire to make clean, high resolution images. I acknowledge I could speed things up greatly if I went with a lower resolution format and a simpler layout structure, so this is my first shot at an effort in that direction.

I wanted to try for a more simple structure when I was experimenting with the horizontal comic layouts, but I feel that the current manhwa/web linetoon format works quite well for such efficiency. I’ve been meaning to try it, but after a long winded comment to someone on the subject last weekend I strongly felt the desire to try it again. Technically this format doesn’t really have “pages”, but rather is uploaded in chunks, but I suppose you could say it has 5 pages so far. I still have some time of the weekend left, so I may try to add another block or two, but this is what I’ve finished so far.

Lastly, I did mess around with some coding, but it’s going to take more time than I had hoped in order to make an option for automated uploading to my site for stuff in this format. Line webtoons use a long vertical system, which I guess works very well in the current era of touchscreens and mobile devices, while not being impractical for desktops. I may not worry about it and just upload this in the normal format in the end, but for now it’s just in this blog post.

Supervision Page 01
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In an attempt to cut down on repeat questions I am compiling a list of the most common questions I receive along with brief responses. I will try to keep this post updated as more common questions arise. If you have any further general questions that are not related to any specific post on this site and that is not answered in this post then feel free to ask in the comments below.

When did you start drawing?
I have been drawing since I was very young, but I was never able to invest myself into drawing seriously until mid 2015, so before then it was a light hobby. I began uploading to Paheal around November of 2008 after I got my first drawing tablet. I had to take several hiatuses over the years, each of which lasted 1 or more years, which is why I wouldn’t quite say I’ve been drawing since 2008. These hiatuses were for family reasons, which required me to work long hours for extensive periods of time for financial purposes.

Everything changed when the Fire Nation atta… I mean, in late 2015 when I was able to start receiving compensation for drawing. I received minuscule compensation at first, but it eventually grew until the point I could work part-time, which served as great motivation to invest myself more heavily until I was finally able to start drawing full-time by mid 2016. I have been drawing full-time ever since, and the ability to finally focus myself on my art has enabled me to advance my skills quite substantially since.

Why do you draw porn?
Because I like porn and I don’t buy into the social stigmas and religious concepts that try to demonize it. Why does a superhero comic artist draw superhero comics? Why does a sports mangaka draw sports manga? Why does a shonen artist draw shonen? My reasons are no different than theirs. I enjoy working with the theme and no other reason should be needed.

How often do you update?
I update on a weekly basis. I try to do sketching for ongoing projects Monday through Tuesday, but the sketching stage is typically the most difficult and unpredictable, so it does often run through Wednesday. The clean lines are usually done Wednesdays through Thursdays, depending on when sketching is complete, and I do my best to have the colors ready by Friday afternoon in the EST timezone. It takes me the whole week to do my updates, so as much as I would like to, I can’t update any faster without sacrificing quality.

What do you use for drawing?
I draw everything using Clip Studio Paint for Windows, and my current tablet is a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24.

Do you have a team?
I do not have a team. I’m a lone wolf. It’s me against the world. I ride into the sunset without a passenger.

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New Discord For Site Updates

Due to recent events many may have noticed I have removed a lot of content and links from this site. This is the result of outside forces and I’m still in the process of learning what I can do about the content itself, but I have made a new Discord as a means of providing notification of updates to this site. The reason for this is that I will no longer be doing so in my main Discord server, so the new server will be solely dedicated to site announcements and as a place where people can respond to updates and/or ask me questions directly. It is not a place intended for general discussion, but if you would like to join for the reasons mentioned you can find a link in my main menu bar or you can follow this link here.

Content Removal Notice

Hello everyone. You may notice that I have removed a portion of content from my site. This is because I have removed all content with mention to a certain external service. I’m not sure of the exact actions I was expected to take in regards to the content removed, if any at all, as I have received some rather non-descriptive emails on this matter. Once I am back online with this service I will be inquiring about what exact actions were expected of me, but until then I will not be restoring any of the removed content.