Frequently Asked Questions

Here I will be providing answers for my most frequently asked questions. Please check this list before sending any questions.


I have an account but I receive an authorization error when I attempt to log in. What does this mean?

An authorization error typically means your account has been temporarily locked for suspicious activity. This site has account sharing limitations in place that will lock your account if too many IPs sign in with your account within a 24 hour period. This can be triggered if you rotate anonymous proxies or VPNs. If this is something you do then you will need to set an exception for this site. An authorization error can also occur if your account is locked from too many failed login attempts.


Am I allowed to share the content hosted on this site?

Any content that is available in the Free Area of this site is free to be publicly distributed anywhere, subject to the external target's terms of use. Any other content is not to be distributed outside of this site without direct permission from Incognitymous.


What will appear on any billing statements I receive if I subscribe to is hosted by TJA Productions. All payments made to will appear as TJA Productions on official billing statements.

What information do you store?

Neither nor TJA Productions store or handle any of your billing information. All submitted billing information is sent directly to the eProcessingNetwork over a secure connection. Neither nor TJA Productions have access to the information sent to the eProcessingNetwork. The only information accessible to or TJA Productions is the standard information provided on a merchant batch report. This merchant batch report contains only the transaction ID as well as the name and last 4 digits on the card used for payment. This merchant batch report contains no sensitive information and is only collected as a mandatory record keeping requirement for US vendors.

What payment options do you accept?

Currently we only accept payments via Visa and MasterCard. This includes prepaid, credit, or debit - pretty much anything with the Visa or MasterCard logo will be accepted.

I am attempting to subscribe with a Visa or Mastercard. Why is my card being declined?

If your payments are being declined while using a Visa or Mastercard, beyond the possibility of mistyped information it is most likely our fraud protection being triggered. Many anonymous proxies will automatically trigger a fraud alert. If your current IP does not match with the country that your card's billing information states then you will likely be declined. This can occur if you are using a proxy or VPN that alters the apparent location of your IP. If you are using a proxy or VPN and are being declined then you will likely need to disable it or set an exception for this site when subscribing.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscriptions cost $12 a month (30 days). Payments are not recurring so you will need to manually renew and there is no need to cancel.

Will there be recurring payments/ongoing charges?

I would like to activate this feature in the future, but as of now it turns out that in order to do so we would be in charge of storing more aspects of your identity and billing information than we would like to. It's not that we feel your information would not be very secure on our server, especially if we encrypted the data, but given that our payment processing network already stores the information we feel it better protects your privacy to minimize the locations your information may be stored.

Why do you not accept PayPal?

PayPal has strict limitations on the types of content their service may be used for. Patreon is currently the only option I, or anyone else for that matter, has to be able to legally receive funds via PayPal for sexually explicit content. While it may be allowable that I add a PayPal donation button, it is not legal to directly accept PayPal payments in exchange for subscription or purchase of sexually explicit content.

Do you charge tax for subscriptions?

It does not appear that we charge taxes for subscriptions at this time. There is still the chance you will have to pay additional charges based on your region, such as the possibility of VAT charges for subscribers from Europe.

Why do you charge more for your site than for your Patreon page?

Have you ever wondered why people that make tens of thousands of dollars continue to rely on Patreon for payment processing? Hosting a site has a lot of extra costs that maintaining a Patreon page does not. This is especially true for artists that post the type of content that I wish to provide. Not only is there extra work in site management, but there are extra costs such as domain space, server/bandwidth usage, payment processing, membership services, as well as costs associated with fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Patreon hosts tens of thousands of creators, moving millions of dollars a month. As such they are able to provide their services at a proportionally reduced cost to creators. Without this benefit I must sadly increase costs to compensate for the extra expenditures, which are about 400% of what was paid to use Patreon.

If it's cheaper to use Patreon, then why not accept payments for your site via Patreon?

As many may be aware, Patreon has previously closed my account due to the nature of the content I posted. They allowed me to recreate my account but stated I cannot use the account to fund my original content matter. Many of you may know of artists that get away with posting a wide variety of content that goes against their terms, or that use methods to avert attention from themselves. My outlook on this matter is that just because someone gets away with it does not mean they cannot or will not be shut down at any time. Patreon's Trust and Safety team explicitly stated to me that it is against their terms to use Patreon to fund my content, even if posted off-site. The point of this endeavor is to remove the added personal risk that comes with hosting/linking content on a site that does not officially allow it. As I hope for this to continue to be my primary means of income I need to play this by the books to both prevent legal ramifications as well as maintain some level of financial stability.