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Sultry Summer Page 223

June 24, 2022

Here are the colors for page 223 of Sultry Summer. Ben begins to reveal information that both Gwen and Charmcaster find to be personally compromising.

Double Trouble Page 17

June 20, 2022

Here are the colors for page 17 of Double Trouble. Jim notices his mishap and attempts to cover his tracks before Tim jumps in.

Double Trouble Page 16

June 20, 2022

Here are the colors for page 16 of Double Trouble. Jim needs to work on his pullout game as he misses one intended mark while almost hitting an unintended one.

Double Trouble Page 15

June 20, 2022

Here are the colors for page 15 of Double Trouble. Jim follows through on Kim’s request, and Tim notices her need to have her mouth occupied, so he volunteers to help.

Double Trouble Page 14

June 20, 2022

Here are the colors for page 14 of Double Trouble. Kim is almost honest about what she wants, but she retracts a bit when Jim gets cocky.

Double Trouble Page 13

June 20, 2022

Here are the colors for page 13 of Double Trouble. Jim goes all in, and Kim finds herself even more incapable of holding back her reactions.

Double Trouble Page 12

June 20, 2022

Here are the colors for page 12 of Double Trouble. Jim slips inside Kim, and her body proves more honest than her brain.

Sultry Summer Page 222

June 17, 2022

Here are the colors for page 222 of Sultry Summer. Despite the lack of trust, Gwen agrees to a temporary truce with Charmcaster for the sake of gaining her body back.

Sultry Summer Page 221

June 10, 2022

Here are the colors for page 221 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster chooses to admit defeat so as to avoid admitting to something else.

Sultry Summer Page 220

June 3, 2022

Here are the colors for page 220 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster reaches the point of her flashback where Gwen returns in her body.

Sultry Summer Page 219

May 27, 2022

Here are the colors for page 219 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster continues to narrate the struggles she faced during her time as Gwen.

Sultry Summer Page 218

May 20, 2022

Here are the colors for page 218 of Sultry Summer. Now that Ben’s been thoroughly cleaned the duo is ready to head back…or at least Ben is.

Sultry Summer Page 217

May 13, 2022

Here are the colors for page 217 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster’s plan for Ben to tire himself has officially flopped along with her new body. Now she’s determined to do whatever it takes to salvage her mission.

Sultry Summer Page 216

May 6, 2022

Here are the colors for page 216 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster struggles to hold on, but Ben hits her with a critical blow.

Sultry Summer Page 215

April 29, 2022

Here are the colors for page 215 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster’s plan doesn’t hold up as she struggles to hold on, whereas Ben has yet to break a sweat.

Sultry Summer Page 214

April 22, 2022

Here are the colors for page 214 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster decides it’s worthwhile to put up with Ben’s unexpected behavior, obviously for the sake of her plan. Obviously.

Sultry Summer Page 213

April 15, 2022

Here are the colors for page 213 of Sultry Summer. Ben makes his move now that “Gwen” has taken position.

Sultry Summer Page 212

April 15, 2022

Here are the colors for page 212 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster’s plans change now that she has the charm, but the charm decides it’s time for her to get lucky.

Sultry Summer Page 211

April 8, 2022

Here are the colors for page 211 of Sultry Summer. Ben and “Gwen” hit a dead end, which Ben identifies as the place to get down to business.

Sultry Summer Page 210

April 8, 2022

Here are the colors for pages 210 of Sultry Summer. The group is unable to dodge the police due to having to turn over Charmcaster, so Max asks “Gwen” to take Ben away so he doesn’t spill any secrets.

Sultry Summer Page 209

April 1, 2022

Here are the colors for page 209 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster finishes the setup of her flashback, which ends with Charmcaster in Gwen’s body while Gwen is sent to jail in Charmcaster’s body.

Double Trouble Page 11

March 28, 2022

Here are the colors for page 11 of Double Trouble. Kim learns she got ahead of herself and accidentally paid out a bonus without learning what Jim really wanted as payment.

Double Trouble Page 10

March 28, 2022

Here are the colors for page 10 of Double Trouble. Kim evens things up with the twins by finishing her blowjob with Jim.

Double Trouble Page 09

March 28, 2022

Here are the colors for page 9 of Double Trouble. Kim swiftly finishes Jim off to even things out between him and Tim.

Sultry Summer Page 208

March 25, 2022

Here are the colors for page 208 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster begins a flashback into prior events leading up to her kidnapping of Ben.

Sultry Summer Page 207

March 18, 2022

Here are the colors for page 207 of Sultry Summer. Ben attempts to take down Charmcaster without the Omnitrix, but is swiftly made aware of the futility of his effort.

Sultry Summer Page 206

March 11, 2022

Here are the colors for page 206 of Sultry Summer. Ben awakens to find himself captured by Charmcaster, who has taken measures to ensure he can’t use his Omnitrix.

Sultry Summer Page 205

March 4, 2022

Here are the colors for page 205 of Sultry Summer. Gwen searches for Ben but discovers he was taken, and now she’s distraught that her own plans were ruined.

Sultry Summer Page 204

March 4, 2022

Here are the colors for page 204 of Sultry Summer. Gwen is on the prowl for a place to continue their usual fun, but Ben gets sidetracked by a random golden Sumo Slammer card that catches his attention.

Sultry Summer Page 203

February 25, 2022

Here are the colors for page 203 of Sultry Summer. Max has to stop and do repairs after Ben causes a mishap, so Gwen offers to get Ben out of his way so he can work.

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