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Chain Reaction Page 114

March 1, 2024

Katie finally gets to start on the blowjob she’s been hoping for, and Julie moves down to participate.

Chain Reaction Page 113

March 1, 2024

Katie and Julie both target Alex’s weak point by cranking up their charm.

Chain Reaction Page 112

February 23, 2024

Jack needs a moment to recharge, so Julie tries to convince Alex to step up and help in the meantime.

Chain Reaction Page 111

February 23, 2024

Jack takes cover as Katie finalizes their second test, and Alex steps up to defend after witnessing the expected results.

Chain Reaction Page 110

February 16, 2024

Jack and Katie finish round 2, and as promised he gives Katie a mouthful.

Chain Reaction Page 109

February 9, 2024

Julie no longer tolerates Alex’s lack of participation and pushes him to be more active.

Chain Reaction Page 108

February 9, 2024

Julie instructs Katie to try a manual absorption for round 2 of their training, and Jack is quick to get her started.

Chain Reaction Page 107

February 1, 2024

Katie is unable to control herself so Julie and Alex rush to Jack’s rescue.

Chain Reaction Page 106

February 1, 2024

Jack and Katie finish the first step of their new training, and it has the anticipated result on Katie.

Chain Reaction Page 105

January 26, 2024

Julie explains the first step of Jack and Katie’s new training, and they are happy to get started.

Chain Reaction Page 104

January 19, 2024

With everything going well for the team at home it’s time to address their new power problem.

Chain Reaction Page 103

January 19, 2024

Now that the whole team is on board they can work together to get things back on track.

Chain Reaction Page 102

January 12, 2024

Julie sees a chance to strike and seizes the opportunity.

Chain Reaction Page 101

January 12, 2024

Julie addresses the benefits that could come with including Jack and Katie, then ends the talk with a reassuring kiss.

Chain Reaction Page 100

January 5, 2024

Julie reasons her side to Alex, and while he understands her perspective, her straightforwardness again has him at a loss for words.

Chain Reaction Page 99

January 5, 2024

Julie speeds to the boys’ room to intercept Alex, and while Alex tries to avoid the topic, Julie feels an immediate need to apologize.

Chain Reaction Page 98

December 29, 2023

Alex storms off, so Julie leaves Jack and Katie to clean up while she goes after him to try and salvage the situation.

Chain Reaction Page 97

December 29, 2023

After everyone else has has their outbursts, Julie pushes back against Alex until he has an outburst of his own.

Chain Reaction Page 96

December 22, 2023

Alex accepts blame for the situation and is determined to resolve it, but Jack and Julie both strongly oppose his decision.

Chain Reaction Page 95

December 22, 2023

Jack fails to convince Alex with his usual tactics so Julie proceeds with her typical honest approach, but Alex chooses to hear it from Katie.

Sultry Summer Page 312

December 15, 2023

Here are the colors for page 312 of Sultry Summer. Kai rejects Ben’s advances, but still leaves behind a flicker of hope.

Sultry Summer Page 311

December 8, 2023

Here are the colors for page 311 of Sultry Summer. Kai is impressed with Gwen’s magic, but is more dismissive of Ben’s capabilities, so Gwen attempts to correct her attitude, but behaviors don’t change so easily.

Sultry Summer Page 310

December 8, 2023

Here are the colors for page 310 of Sultry Summer. Kai tries to get another show by offering Gwen another ultimatum, but instead Gwen reveals another point of interest.

Sultry Summer Page 309

December 1, 2023

Here are the colors for page 309 of Sultry Summer. Ben gets something he was after thanks to the girls’ competitiveness working in his favor, but not as favorably for Gwen.

Sultry Summer Page 308

December 1, 2023

Here are the colors for page 308 of Sultry Summer. The trio’s fun starts coming to an end as the girl’s exhaust one another with Ben’s help.

Sultry Summer Page 307

November 24, 2023

Here are the colors for page 307 of Sultry Summer. Now that the girls are getting along they stick together as they offer themselves for Ben’s enjoyment.

Sultry Summer Page 306

November 24, 2023

Here are the colors for page 306 of Sultry Summer. Kai “shares” the product of her labor with Gwen, but Ben intervenes and gives them something more to share.

Sultry Summer Page 305

November 17, 2023

Here are the colors for page 305 of Sultry Summer. After seeing the girls clean each other out, Ben wants Kai to clean him too, and Gwen helps him get it.

Sultry Summer Page 304

November 10, 2023

Here are the colors for page 304 of Sultry Summer. Gwen dives in to suck the cream filling out of Kai, so Kai demands Ben give Gwen a refill that she can enjoy for herself.

Sultry Summer Page 303

November 10, 2023

Here are the colors for page 303 of Sultry Summer. The trio continues their fun, and this time Gwen demands some action from Kai in return for her services.

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Between the Scenes

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Cheetara awakens to find herself in a small body when suddenly Lion-O and Tygra walk in as big as ever…and everyone’s naked.

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Fire Nation Lolis

A short comic where young Azula, Mai, Ty Lee and Zuko spend a day alone together at the beach.

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Getting Off

The Teen Titans Go! on a lot of missions to help others, but sometimes they need to relax and help themselves (and each other).

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Glory Haunt

Danny Phantom frequently “haunts” a public restroom, but one day this activity leads to the ghost boy encountering an unexpected participant.

Justice League Kid Stuff Page 01

Incog Shorts

Random comics too short for their own individual galleries.

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Incredible Production

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Loli Club Star Wars

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Mutual Affairs

Gohan and Videl take Chi-Chi with them on their vacation to improve their familiarity.

Naruto Sarada Page 01

Naruto x Sarada

A short comic featuring Naruto and Sarada from Naruto Gaiden: the Seventh Hokage.

New Beginnings Cover

New Beginnings

The future Power Pack enjoying a period of leisure in the aftermath of Kang the Conqueror’s invasion.

Pet With Benefits Page 01

Pet With Benefits

Penny prepares for bed, but discovers something is troubling Brain that only she can remedy.

Rough Riding Cover

Rough Riding

Perseverance pays off as Alex convinces Julie to try out butt sex for the first time.

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Steamy Afterparty

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Supervision Page 01


Violet secretly watches over Dash and ends up witnessing something unexpected.

Young Maximoffs Reference

Young Maximoffs

Pietro and Wanda are performing a chore when Wanda’s desire towards her brother gets the better of her.