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Chain Reaction Page 74

March 31, 2023

Here are the colors for page 74 of Chain Reaction. Jack finally gets the attention he’s been seeking from Julie, but now he may have some explaining to do.

Chain Reaction Page 73

March 31, 2023

Here are the colors for page 73 of Chain Reaction. With Katie taking a breather after Jack took such good care of her, Julie steps up to do the same for Jack.

Chain Reaction Page 72

March 24, 2023

Here are the colors for page 72 of Chain Reaction. Jack powers through until Katie pleads for him to stop, just as Julie said he should.

Chain Reaction Page 71

March 17, 2023

Here are the colors for page 71 of Chain Reaction. Katie nears her first climax so Julie guides her into making it a good one.

Chain Reaction Page 70

March 17, 2023

Here are the colors for page 70 of Chain Reaction. Julie can see Katie knows what she’s doing, so she offers Jack more of her guidance.

Chain Reaction Page 69

March 10, 2023

Here are the colors for page 69 of Chain Reaction. Julie shows Katie why she prefers that position, and Katie happily enjoys the benefits.

Chain Reaction Page 68

March 3, 2023

Here are the colors for page 68 of Chain Reaction. Jack starts to work on Katie, who proves to be ticklish, but with a correction from Julie he has a different effect on her.

Chain Reaction Page 67

March 3, 2023

Here are the colors for page 67 of Chain Reaction. Julie has Jack in position with Katie ready to put him to work, while Katie finds amusement in the prescribed positioning.

Chain Reaction Page 66

February 24, 2023

Here are the colors for page 66 of Chain Reaction. Julie learns how one-sided the relationship between Jack and Katie has been and does not find it acceptable.

Chain Reaction Page 65

February 17, 2023

Here are the colors for page 65 of Chain Reaction. Julie addresses Jack’s misunderstanding, but Katie is quick to direct their attention back to the other important matter at hand.

Chain Reaction Page 64

February 17, 2023

Here are the colors for page 64 of Chain Reaction. Julie learns that the younger siblings have known about her and Alex all along, and that she hasn’t been making Jack feel very welcome in the process.

Chain Reaction Page 63

February 10, 2023

Katie explains her side of the situation, which earns them both Julie’s support until Katie hits her with one more curveball.

Chain Reaction Page 62

February 10, 2023

Julie assumes Jack is up to no good and immediately goes to scold him as Katie attempts to intervene.

Sultry Summer Page 267

February 3, 2023

Here are the colors for page 267 of Sultry Summer. Ben carries Gwen to safety as XLR8, but she’s not too happy about his carrying technique.

Sultry Summer Page 266

February 3, 2023

Here are the colors for page 266 of Sultry Summer. Ben and Gwen have no way to return through the portal, but Charmcaster doesn’t leave them completely helpless so Ben is able to go alien to get them where they need to go.

Sultry Summer Page 265

February 3, 2023

Here are the colors for page 265 of Sultry Summer. Ben and Gwen each have one more request after Charmcaster opens the portal, but she’s all out of favors to give.

Sultry Summer Page 264

January 27, 2023

Here are the colors for page 264 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster’s mood is ruined so she tells Ben and Gwen to leave her, but she fails to consider they’ll need an escort out.

Sultry Summer Page 263

January 20, 2023

Here are the colors for page 263 of Sultry Summer. Ben throws one of his usual jests, but he quickly finds out Charmcaster does not have the same tolerance as Gwen for their usual banter.

Sultry Summer Page 262

January 20, 2023

Here are the colors for page 262 of Sultry Summer. The girls begin to wear down as Ben gives them one finisher after another.

Sultry Summer Page 261

January 13, 2023

Here are the colors for page 261 of Sultry Summer. Ben continues to help Charmcaster explore what her improved body can do, while making sure not to neglect Gwen in the process.

Sultry Summer Page 260

January 13, 2023

Here are the colors for page 260 of Sultry Summer. Ben gives Charmcaster another shot of what she needs and is ready to get back to Gwen.

Sultry Summer Page 259

January 6, 2023

Here are the colors for page 259 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster runs out of steam for topping, leading Ben to continue where they left off when Gwen first interrupted.

Sultry Summer Page 258

January 6, 2023

Here are the colors for page 258 of Sultry Summer. Ben finishes stuffing Gwen and is ready to get back to Charmcaster.

Sultry Summer Page 257

December 30, 2022

Here are the colors for page 257 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster understands Gwen’s earlier pain as she herself experiences the misery of being sidelined while replicating Gwen’s body.

Sultry Summer Page 256

December 30, 2022

Here are the colors for page 256 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster staggers away briefly after her second round, and Ben takes the opportunity to satisfy Gwen’s needs, but Charmcster still contests that she was not finished yet.

Sultry Summer Page 255

December 23, 2022

Here are the colors for page 255 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster makes it to the end of her ride this time, and it appears to be all she had hoped.

Sultry Summer Page 254

December 16, 2022

Here are the colors for page 254 of Sultry Summer. Now that Gwen has sufficiently muffled Ben’s mouth, Charmcaster is ready to continue where she left off.

Sultry Summer Page 253

December 16, 2022

Here are the colors for page 253 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster declares that the pact works as intended so far, so Ben insists the three of them celebrate. Charmcaster initially objects to Gwen’s inclusion, the potential benefit sounds too good to pass up.

Sultry Summer Page 252

December 9, 2022

Here are the colors for page 252 of Sultry Summer. Charmcaster swears vengeance for what Gwen did, but for now she’s more focused on her success.

Sultry Summer Page 251

December 9, 2022

Here are the colors for page 251 of Sultry Summer. Gwen continues to lend a hand to Charmcaster, particularly the aid of two fingers.

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